Slot machines are fixed. The casino providers control the machines and manually picks the winner who makes the most bets. Slot machines turn cold and hot. Have you heard such statements before? These are some of the most common myths around online slot machines. And we’re here to debunk them today!

Slot online is tremendously popular these days. While most people are actively playing online slots on a daily basis, others are still skeptical about joining the platform. Most of these doubts come from baseless and false assumptions around online casino games. Below, you can read the 5 most popular myths about online slots and the truth behind them.

You can win only after going on a downward spiral:

Most people view that online slots let you win a small cash prize only after you’ve lost enough money. But the very nature of online casino games is enough to debunk this myth. Remember, online slots are based on RNGs (Random Number Generators), meaning they are completely random and do not have any memory whatsoever. Hence, slots do not remember who is winning or who is losing. Likewise, slot machines also don’t keep count of how many times you’re losing.

Each spin on a slot is independent of the next and has no relation to the previous one.

Casino providers have control over the slot machines:

Now, this myth can actually be a fact if you’re playing on the wrong or fake online casino. Fraudulent slots can be rigged. Hence, they can cheat you and keep making you lose, acquiring all your funds in the process. This is why it is so important for you to identify the right online slot.

On the bright side, genuine casino providers have no control over casino games, including slot machines. Moreover, genuine slots are strictly licensed to ensure that they function in the right manner, i.e., random!

Online slots are fixed:

This is another common myth against the basic mechanism of online slot machines. The myth suggests that online slot machines are fixed to give out a set number of payouts in pre-determined cycles. This simply means players can learn strategies to know when and where the next big jackpot is going to hit.

However, this is completely not true. Since slot machines are random, there are no ‘cycles’ or ‘fixed payout.’

Progressive jackpots are the best online slots:

Sure, progressive jackpots are fun and enticing! They are also only getting bigger and better. But that doesn’t mean they are the single best slot games to wager on. The first thing you should note is that the odds of winning a progressive slot are very low. We’re talking about 1 in a million chances!

So, don’t just focus on progressive jackpots alone. You can play those for fun, but know when to stop betting!

 Hot and Cold slot machines:

The terms hot slot machine and cold slot machine are quite common in the world of online gambling. But surprisingly, there is no such thing as slot machines turning hot or cold. This simply means all slot machines are based on RNGs. Hence, there are no slots that tend to pay out more frequently than others!


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