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Online gambling services in Indonesia are few and far between. The various government restrictions make it almost impossible for any live casinos to function. Also, with the authorities blocking many online gambling sites, it’s hard to find a working IDN poker website today.

However, when you come across some functional websites, it can be difficult to tell how well it works. To make it easier for you, our readers, we’ve compiled some of the top features you’ll see on the best poker platforms.

Now, every poker platform may not have every feature listed here. But the best ones have most of these as part of their service. Let’s look at each feature in a bit more detail.

Top features to look for in your IDN poker service.

  • Simple Registration Process

The best online poker services will have a straightforward signup process. So, try to find a website that requires only the essentials and nothing more. Generally, some of the details you may have to submit include a username & password, display name, banking option, email/contact number.

The best services will make sure that you don’t spend too much time registering so that you can begin playing right away.


  • 24/7 Customer service and support

Playing online poker from a restricted country can be confusing sometimes. There are a lot of legal obstacles in the way. And you can easily get lost in trying to figure out what to do next. The best poker services will offer you prompt customer support for any of your doubts and questions. This way, you can complete your process without any trouble or hassles.

  • Jackpot offers

Successful online poker services will also provide additional offers for their users. One example of such an offer is the Jackpot option. It’s usually a member-only offer so signing up is a good idea. The way it works is that you’ll have to buy stakes to a jackpot. The requirement to win may be to get a certain hand (Eg. Straight flush) while playing the game. If you get the required hand before the time runs out, you win the jackpot for that round. It’s a great way to add a new dimension to your plays and earn some big money.

  • Referral code/rewards

As already mentioned, reliable online poker sites can be hard to find in IDN. So, the good ones reward you for spreading the word. Once you sign up, you’ll get a unique code. If any of your friends join the service using this code, the provider will reward you with some in-game goodies or currency.


  • Tournaments

Another feature of a poker service that’s doing well is regular tournaments. The more successful services will conduct tournaments more frequently. It can be held every two or three months, depending on participants. And the payout is really good. It shows that a lot of players from your region are logging in and playing regularly.



So, these are some common features you’ll see in good poker sites. Make sure you take advantage of these features and stand a chance to hit the big pots!


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