Every entrepreneur, whether with an established enterprise or with a new startup, needs a business plan. A recent article in USA Today illustrates this point quite effectively. The common misconception is that a new business owner or entrepreneur only needs a business plan if he or she is seeking some type of funding. It is true that a business plan is necessary if one is seeking funding but there are countless other reasons that an entrepreneur requires a business plan even if he or she is not seeking funding. Simply put, business plans are road maps of where you want to take your business whether asking for money or not. Business plans force you to examine your market more in-depth and to further segment if necessary. This can save you dramatically on marketing costs by encouraging you to focus your marketing efforts on more narrow or niche segments. Additionally, business plan include detailed financial projections which force you to examine how you intend to spend money on the business and how to project your costs into the future. These can be a real wake-up call if you haven’t done your homework on expenses and cost projections. Finally, business plans are good basic documents to have that can be referred to from time to time in order to see how your business is progressing and as such they should also be periodically updated as well. However, entrepreneurs are focused on starting, running and growing their businesses and sometimes writing a business plan can seem daunting. We offer a host of different prewritten business plans that you can use as a model to design your own making the process much easier and, better yet, these are only $24.95. For those who require help with customization of the prewritten business plan we also offer that as well. Finally, the recommendation is that each business, at some point in time, should have a custom written business plan designed solely for the business in question and we also provide this service for just $495 per plan. Thus, a business plan is in every entrepreneur’s grasp and at all cost levels so there is no excuse not to have one.

By Bill

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