Then there are stocks. And let me tell you, there are more stocks out there to invest in than Carter has liver pills. Just check with the NYSE to see how many stocks are actively being traded. Stocks are much riskier than bonds. A stock can sell for a share one day and drop down to a share the next day. Imagine investing in 1000 shares. You would have lost ,000 in just one day. Conversely stocks can give you a big windfall literally overnight. The key to stock investing is to get a good broker who knows the market. And don’t worry, he WILL have your best interests in mind because he wants to make money too, as he gets a percentage of any gain you make on the stocks you invest in.

Not researching title correctly or not at all – can lead you into a hole that you can easily find yourself buried financially. Learning to search title is easy once you understand what you’re looking for and where to find it quickly. You don’t need to pay a title company every time you have a question about a property. With a little bit of knowledge and practice, you’ll be able to know in minutes whether a deal is worth doing or if it’s just a money pit in disguise.

First, tax liens have sort of a government guarantee. I am purposely saying “sort of” for a reason. It’s because if you end up been deeded to a property that is worthless because you haven’t done your own research then you can end up losing your investment. This is one of the minor pitfalls of investing in tax liens however, many consider tax liens to be safer than stocks.

Expect Volatility. Don’t be afraid of big market swings, because you can profit from them! By learning to deal with volatility, you can make money in even the topsy-turviest market environments. I advise you to stick to the 60-30-10 rule: 60% of your portfolio should be in the most conservative stocks, 30% in moderately aggressive stocks and 10% in aggressive stocks. This mix gives us the smoothest path to profits over the long run. Especially when the market is volatile, this mix keeps our portfolios afloat! The 60-30-10 rule keeps us locked and loaded, even when the market fluctuates day-to-day.

When filling out the spreadsheet, the light gray areas are for users to input information. The light green areas have calculated values. Remember, the more accurate the input information, the more accurate your profit analysis will be.

There are dozens of quick-read investment primers that can do the job. My own “investing 101,” Mike Piper’s “Investing Made Simple,” Eric Tyson’s “Investing for Dummies” — these are all straightforward lessons on how to invest wisely. Reliable financial planners are also available but research carefully before choosing one.

Sure, there’s money in flipping single-family residences. But the real money is in multi-family investing. I’m talking Real money. I am going to be doing all the research I can in the next few months and hopefully my next purchase will be a multi-unit. Remember, on your first time out, you can buy just a six until property. No reason to go crazy your first time. Test the waters first and get the hang of it. One day in the not-to-distant future I hope to be owning my own 2400 or 3000-unit property, and then I’ll be in the big leagues like this Fales fellow.

By Bill

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